Do you have a go-to spot to catch bait?

And then do you have a different go-to spot to catch fish?

What if there was a simpler way to catch boat loads of fish?

See, if you find the bait, you’ll usually find the predator fish.

Growing up, Luke and I would go to one spot to catch bait, and then another spot to catch fish, and it was a big waste of time, not to mention, we couldn’t always find the fish…

But today, we’re simplifying things and sticking in one spot to chum up the bait and then chum up the trout.

It worked really well (we caught tons of fish), and we saved time and gas money by not having to drive all over the bay.

Want to see exactly what we did? Check out this video.

You’ll learn:

– The best types of spots to catch loads of trout
– How to catch fewer catfish
– How Slam Shady performs compared to live bait (this might surprise you!)
– The best way to chum up baitfish
– How to rig live bait (for more strikes)
– And much more

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