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Evolving the Internet for Anglers

Thanks for stopping by. My name is Keith Alan and you may remember me from my days announcing the Bassmaster Elite Series and Redfish Cup tournaments on ESPN or any of a number of other sports events and shows including the Ultimate Fishing Experience and American Hero Experience TV Series’ I produced for NBC Sports Network. I want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about Angler HQ and share with you why, with all of the things I have going on in my life, I decided to take on this endeavor to build a whole new platform for anglers on the internet.

Fishing is in my DNA.  It has been my passion since I was a little boy growing up in Miami. Over the past 17 years, I’ve been super fortunate to be able to marry my passion for fishing with my career as a Tournament Emcee, Television Producer, Digital Content Creator and Outdoor Brand Consultant.  Working and getting perspectives from so many sides of the fishing industry, parallel to being an angler, has helped me identify ways to provide something that anglers, content creators and fishing tackle companies will find value in.

The internet has evolved into a tremendous tool for anglers. It started as a place to check weather, tides and moon phases to plan your next fishing trip and has evolved into the place we research products, search for new fishing destinations and charters, shop for fishing tackle and watch fishing Vlogs, fishing shows and fishing tips and techniques videos to help learn how to catch more fish and become better anglers.

At Angler HQ we’ve consolidated all of this into one site so you can spend less time searching for the fishing content, information and products you want and more time getting ready for your next day on the water.

As a lifelong angler raised in South Florida and passionate about both freshwater and saltwater fishing, Rather than have a bass-centric or saltwater-centric site, I wanted to create something that would serve the needs of all types of anglers.  As a fishing industry veteran, I also wanted to create something that would be useful to those of us interested in growing the sport. Throughout my career working with ESPN, B.A.S.S. and a number of fishing industry brands I’ve been fortunate enough to gain knowledge from many facets of the industry, especially as it relates to producing fishing content, marketing and, of course, tournament anglers.  To that end, Angler HQ provides a platform that is open to every fishing industry brand and every fishing industry marketer.  There is no advertising and no brand or product category exclusivity. It’s open to all with quality fishing content they want to share and those with quality fishing products to sell.  That’s a big part of what Angler HQ is all about, but there is more.

Fixing a Broken Model

If you are a fan of fishing shows on TV, then you know then you know the landscape of outdoor television has been going through a serious transformation.  There are a ton of shows on a bunch of different channels. Some even run the same shows on different network, which can be confusing and if you don’t have a cable package with the right channels, you’re not seeing most of what’s on so you are relying on YouTube for fishing videos.  Fortunately, there is a lot of great fishing content on YouTube, but it’s in 100 different places so it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.  If you are a producer of outdoor television shows you have an intimate understanding of what that means and likely have had some challenges associated with the cost of getting desirable time slots on quality channels, meeting the myriad of network production requirements, not to mention the lack of promos, ratings reports or any accurate audience tracking.  So for my fellow television producers, fishing content creators and YouTubers, Angler HQ offers your content a second home. Someplace you may post, share, promote and yes…monitor and measure views.  Not only is it free to become a content partner, you can make money from Angler HQ.  We are not the first digital platform to offer revenue sharing for producers, but we do it very differently.  We don’t leverage your content for advertising because we don’t offer any advertising. Why? Because sponsorships have a tendency of excluding competitors and Angler HQ is open to all quality brands.  Our content partner program pays producers a percentage of the products we sell.  What kinds of products? Fishing tackle and gear, like the stuff you’re using in your shows.

Helping Aspiring Anglers & Budding Brands Grow

My experience in the industry has also taught me another important lesson. There is a huge population of people who dream of making a living in the fishing industry as tournament anglers, marketers and even inventors and entrepreneurs who are trying to build tackle companies. Many of them may be very good at it, but they are having a hard time getting the opportunity to prove themselves.  I’ve been so very blessed in my career to have the opportunities I’ve had to work in fishing industry and I wanted to create opportunities for others to make money in the fishing industry too.  That’s why I developed very strong affiliate marketing, team and content partner programs, and it’s why I opened our content portal and e-commerce tackle shop to custom tackle makers and budding fishing brands who want to promote and sell their products.

It’s taken more than 2 years to bring this dream to life and now that we have the framework and infrastructure in place it’s time to make Angler HQ what you want it to be.  I’d love to here from you and find out what kind of content, what products or what other fishing resources you would like to see on AnglerHQ.com. Contact me with your thoughts and ideas, and together we will build the best fishing resource and community on the internet. – Keith Alan / Founder

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Angler HQ has just about everything the internet has to offer anglers in one centralized place so you spend less time surfing the internet and more time getting ready for your next day of fishing.  That means you can shop for great deals on fishing tackle, watch full episodes of fishing shows, search through thousands of fishing tips and techniques videos and even check weather and tides in one place.  Putting all of this fishing content and trip planning tools in the same place you buy fishing tackle makes Angler HQ your headquarters for everything fishing.

  • Watch the best fishing videos and full episodes of your favorite fishing shows
  • Learn how to catch more fish with fishing tips and techniques videos from the pros
  • Check out fishing product reviews and field tests
  • Shop and get great deals and special offers on new fishing tackle and gear in the Angler HQ Tackle Shop
  • Plan your next fishing trip with weather, tides, solunar tables and other fishing resources