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All aboard the A-Train, What’s New at Tackle Warehouse hosted by Product Specialist Aaron Quarles features an assortment of new lures designed specifically for targeting big bass. Showcasing products from your favorite vendors, such as Smash-Tech Custom Baits, Evergreen, Leatherbaits, and Beast Coast Fishing, WNTW has something for all avid trophy hunters. Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOGs to get more exclusive insight, inventory updates, and the best products at the best prices.

Smash-Tech Baits Jointed Gizzard Swimbaits –

Smash-Tech Custom Baits Hollow Body Swimbaits –

Evergreen ND 180 Wooden Wakebait –

Evergreen SS Softshell Frogs –

Leatherbaits Chunk Jig Trailer 10pk –

Leatherbaits Spider Jig Skirt 4pk –

Beast Coast Fishing Chaos-X Swimbait 5pk –

Always offering the latest-and-greatest, Tackle Warehouse’s ever-expanding inventory of tournament bass fishing products reaches well beyond what we can showcase on our front page. So, to keep anglers up-to-date on cutting-edge techniques, the hottest baits, and newest color/size additions, Tackle Warehouse is proud to introduce the What’s New At T-Double-You (WNATW) segment. Filmed at our warehouse with our highly knowledgeable product specialist, the Whats New At TW segment gives anglers an edge on competition with a sneak peak of recent arrivals. From line-to-rods-to-lures, Tackle Warehouse is committed to offering anglers the best products at the best prices – and the WNATW series ensures that you’re up-to-speed on it all!

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