This video shows how much fun skipping a shrimp lure under docks can be when the lure looks realistic while rigged weedless. I was fishing with Otis on board while exploring some new waters, and the fish caught were great considering the lack of life that I was seeing in the very clear water.

Best of all, I hooked into something big at the end which ended up being one of the most rewarding catches that I’ve ever had since it required a lot of patience and good fortune to control the fish with an added adventure of having Otis on board.

The lure I was using is our new Power Prawn USA rigged on a Hoss Helix hook. If you haven’t tried these lures yet, make sure to get some to add to your arsenal. We guarantee they’ll be your favorite shrimp lure of all after you give them a shot. Here’s a link to see how they work:

If you’re an Insider Club member, here’s a link to the Insider Report from this trip so you can see exactly where I was catching these fish:

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