Want to know the fastest way to rig a ballyhoo (skirted) like the pros do?

Then check out this awesome ballyhoo rigging tip from the guys over at Team Ripper Fishing. It’s certainly the best way to rig ballyhoo that we’ve seen.

This style of rigging ballyhoo requires no flossing, no wire, no rubber bands, and none of the “traditional” ways of dressing up a ballyhoo (which take forever).

This method also makes your ballyhoo last longer and in some cases can go 4+ hours before getting washed out.

Why ballyhoo?

Well if you are bluewater fishing for pelagics (from billfish to wahoo to mahi mahi), then using a ballyhoo for bait can be one of your best choices to catch more offshore fish.

Any questions on the rig or tackle we used in the video to rig this ballyhoo?

Let us know in the comments.

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