Holy snook catch of the year!

This is how you catch a fish from a 3rd floor balcony like a BOSS!

What started out as another normal Monday conference call with the Salt Strong team turned into one of the best snook sight fishing experiences ever.

You see, just minutes before this, we were on a conference call and I just happened to be glancing out of the window and couldn’t help but notice a snook sitting by the edge of the sand below.

I motioned over to Luke to come get a look at it, and we all quickly agreed that this was worth ending the meeting early to get a cast on a snook (perhaps the only time a business conference call has ended with, “Sorry we have to end this early, there are a couple of snook we want to cast on from the balcony.”)

So instead of risking walking down and spooking the snook, Salt Strong co-founder Luke Simonds said he thought he could cast on them from the 3rd floor balcony.

Fortunately for us, we had a rod and reel rigged up in the room and Luke proceeded to put on a casting show (having to cast from his left to get enough power to get the lure near the snook).

Not only did he have to cast from his left, but he had to avoid the tall palm tree that was in between us and the snook.

Long story short, three casts later one of the snook crushed his lure.

And now we can say that we’ve caught a fish from a balcony.

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