In this video you will learn how to identify species of fish and the structure and cover that they are located on. This is the second video in the Sonar Playlist.
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Kayak – Bonafide PWR129
0:00 Intro
0:24 School of Shad
1:31 Fixing Interference
2:14 Identifying Threadfin Shad
2:58 Deep water Bridge
3:34 Laydown trees on a Bluff Wall
4:54 Fish in RipRap Rock on a Dam
7:08 A Ledge
9:03 Bass feeding on baitfish
9:42 School of larger fish
10:26 Bass out deep
10:45 Marking Fish Attractors on Side Scan
12:39 Great American Fish Trees
13:44 Bluegill Bed
14:19 Road Bed with Fish Attractors
15:30 Fish in Submerged Trees
18:42 Looking for Spawners
20:02 Outro

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