There are many ways to add a sinker or weight to a fluke. Here’s my favorite.
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Adding weight to a Super Fluke can help achieve different depths and casting distances, as well as provide a different action to entice bass. Here’s how you can add weight to a Super Fluke:

Weighted Hooks: One common method is to use weighted hooks specifically designed for soft plastic baits like the Super Fluke. These hooks have a built-in weight on the shank, usually in the form of a bullet or egg-shaped weight. Simply insert the weighted hook into the nose of the Super Fluke and rig it Texas-style. The weight on the hook adds casting distance and allows you to fish the bait at different depths.

Insert Weights: Another option is to use insert weights, which are thin lead strips or cylinders that can be inserted into the body of the Super Fluke. To do this, make a small incision in the belly or back of the bait and slide the weight inside. Be careful not to damage the bait while inserting the weight. The insert weights provide a more subtle weight distribution and allow you to fine-tune the weight placement.

Nail Weights: Nail weights are thin, nail-shaped lead weights that can be inserted into the head of the Super Fluke. To use a nail weight, carefully make a hole in the head of the bait using a nail or similar tool, then insert the nail weight into the hole. This method provides a forward weight bias, making the bait dive deeper and creating a more pronounced action.

When adding weight to a Super Fluke, it’s important to consider the desired depth and action you want to achieve. Experiment with different weight sizes and placements to find what works best for the specific fishing situation and the behavior of the bass. Remember to check local regulations regarding the use of weights or modifications in your fishing area.

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