The Inside Bassmaster Podcast is back for 2022. Ronnie Moore, Bassmaster LIVE co-host, and Kyle Jessie, Digital Content Editor for, have teamed up to relaunch the Inside Bassmaster Podcast.

In Episode 66, Moore and Jessie dive into the Harris Chain Bassmaster Elite Series event and recap the event. They welcome the Champion, Buddy Gross, on the show and talk with him about his big win and the shock that came with winning after a tough practice.

To listen to the audio version of the podcast, visit where you listen to your favorite podcasts. #bassmaster #podcast #buddygross

Welcome In! – 0:00
Let’s Jump in the Harris Chain – 0:35
Buddy Gross joins us! – 10:00
More Harris Chain thoughts – 31:04
Angler of the Year Race – 42:38
Classic Conjecture – 50:10