Steve Chapman of Get Ur Fish On looks IN DEPTH and puts the 6th Sense Fishing crank bait lure Axis against the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw crank bait, to see which one is the best bang for your buck. It’s the 6th Sense Axis VERSUS the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw! These baits are hybrid crank baits that offer a unique hunting action, but at the same time offer a unique swiveling bill that acts and sounds like a chatterbait. Both these baits are tough to get, and two of the ULTRA HOT new fishing tackle products on the market today.

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Products used in video:
Rods: Castaway Fishing Rods
Reels: Shimano
Cooler: Engel Coolers
Costa Sunglasses: Diego
6th Sense Axis:
13 Fishing Jabber Jaw:

Video equipment:
GoPro 7 Black:
Sony A6000 Mirrorless:
Tackle Bag/Camera Bag: Plano Backpack:

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Email: [email protected]