Sometimes bass can get in a weird mood and refuse to chase moving baits like a spinnerbait, crankbait, or chatterbait. Instead of giving up on these bass, I’ve found a new retrieve with a popular rig to trick inactive largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass into biting. Hope you enjoy!

Equipment Mentioned in this Video:

Neko Rig Setup:
– Missile Baits Quiver Worm 6.5″:
– Clear/Stained Water – Fried Melon
– Dirty Water – Red Bug Candy
– Owner Weedless Sniper Finesse Neko Hook 1/0:
– Dobyns Nail Weights:
– 3 – 8ft of Water: 1/16oz
– 8 – 12ft of water: 3/32oz
– 12 – 25ft of water: 1/8oz
– 1st Gen Wack’em O-Ring Tool:
– 1st Gen Wack’em O-Rings 6mm:
– Denali Lithium Pro Spinning Rod 7’4″ Med Hvy Misc:
– Sunline FC Fluorocarbon Leader Clear 8lb:
– Sunline Siglon PEx4 Braided Line Orange 16lb:
– Abu Garcia Max Pro Spinning Reel MAXPRO30:

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