The ZMan Fishing MINIMAX is the newest chatterbait bladed jig from ZMan fishing. The MINIMAX has unique and different sound in the water and almosts purrs and sings as the blade hit the jig head. The MINIMAX bladed jig chatterbait is a compact bass fishing lure that has a super sharp black nickel hooks, two trailer keepers and wire tied silicone skirt. This is a serious winner from Zman Fishing and a chatterbait bladed jig that all large mouth bass fishing anglers should have in the arsenal of fishing equipment.

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Zman Fishing:

Products used in video:
Rods: Castaway Fishing Rods
Reels: Shimano
Cooler: Engel Coolers
Costa Sunglasses: Diego

Video equipment:
GoPro 7 Black:
Sony A6000 Mirrorless:
Tackle Bag/Camera Bag: Plano Backpack:

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