James and Troy Lindner head out on Leech Lake in central MN, searching for giant smallmouth bass on swimbaits. Today anglers have a wide array of lures to choose from. You name your favorite, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater, jerkbaits, jigs, rigs, and various plastics each have seasonal windows when their the best choice depends on the depth conditions one happens to be fishing on the water. 

In more recent years, swimbaits have taken on a far more dramatic place in anglers’ arsenal across the country. Today swimmers are fished deep, shallow, in wood, and weeds in both fresh- and saltwater. 

You name it from 1-inch finesse baits for panfish to 12-inches for musky and every different size in between. Swimbaits are real fish catchers that highly resemble most predatory game fish’s favorite prey species. Let’s join James Lindner and Troy Lindner with more on swimbait secrets.


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