Z-MAN Flashback Minnow 1/4 Shad DWO


Z-MAN Flashback Minnow 1/4 Shad DWO

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Gamefish are primarily sight predators – they see it, then they eat it. Well, being seen is what the Z-Man ChatterBait FlashBack Series is all about. With holographic foil embedded in the translucent lure body, these highly reflective baits have the Flash that attracts! But the tell-tale flash isn't the only feature that distinguishes FlashBack lures. The action is remarkable thanks to patent-pending design and the unique hex-shaped ChatterBlade. On the retrieve, these baits feature an exaggerated side-to-side motion and distinctive vibration that gamefish just can't resist. And when you combine that action with a multi-hue holographic flash, you've got a fish-catching combination that knows no equal! Each package contains one rigged fan-tail minnow and one spare curly-tail.

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Z-MAN Flashback Minnow 1/4 Shad DWO
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