Sufix Performance Braid Green 150yd 80lb


Sufix Performance Braid Green 150yd 80lb

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Sufix Performance Braid Green 150 yd From cast-ability to abrasion resistance and knot strength, this incredible line excels in every category. Its soft, supple feel makes it completely compatible with spinning reels – something that very few braids can claim. The exclusive Y6 Digital Braiding process produces a tighter braid pattern that won't unwind under the severest conditions. A specially formulated finish protects it from abrasion caused by contact with logs, rocks and debris. Other braids claim to be able to pull a fish out of thick cover, Performance Braid has the strength to haul in the brush pile as well. Because it has virtually no stretch, all it takes is a short upswing of the rod and even the lightest-biting fish is hooked. We offer the Sufix Performance Braid in Green and is available in 10lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, and 100lb Test Line.

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Sufix Performance Braid Green 150yd 80lb
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