Norman Middle N 2′ 3/8oz Chartreuse/Blue


Norman Middle N 2′ 3/8oz Chartreuse/Blue

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When bass anglers are sitting around talking about successful crankbaits, you can be sure that the Norman Crankbait will be included in the discussion. These 100% American made crankbaits have been around for a long time and are proven fish catchers. We carry only the Norman Pro Edge series because they stand head and shoulders above the other baits. The Norman Crankbait features deep lustrous finishes and a huge variety of colors. The diving bill and the attitude that the bait naturally swims at enable these lures to come through and over underwater obstructions easily. If a hang up does occur, they float up backwards which will often free them automatically.

The N series Crankbaits will fish a variety of depths from 10-12 feet for the Deep Little N or 7-9 feet for the Middle N baits. Every Norman Crankbait comes complete with ultra-sharp Gamakatsu Hooks that grab and hold, all the way back to the boat. Fish the Norman N Crankbaits around shallow points, over fish-holding cover, or grind them through the mud to really put some fish in the boat.

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Norman Middle N 2′ 3/8oz Chartreuse/Blue
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