Have you ever wondered what happens to your bait when you drop it down to the bottom?

Or how frozen shrimp actually compares to live shrimp?

In this new video experiment, we’ve got those answers and much more.

In order to better understand how fish react underwater, and, therefore, how to get better at catching them, I’ve been doing a lot of underwater filming recently.

I’ve been testing out different baits, such as live shrimp, frozen shrimp, and fiddler crabs, and one thing I’ve been amazed at is how varied their durabilities are.

Some of them last just a few seconds, while others last several minutes.

Check out this video to see which bait is most durable, which is least durable, and how different species react underwater.

Have any questions or further experiments you’d like me to film?

Let me know in the comments below!

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