A lot of people ask me, “What’s the best knot to use with the Slam Shady?”

There are tons of different types of knots, but when you’re talking about knots to tie to a hook or jig, they all fall into two categories:

1. Snug knots
2. Loop knots

Snug knots are stronger and are best for when you don’t need to put action on your bait or lure, such as if you’re using live bait.

Loop knots, on the other hand, are best for when you want to maximize the action on your lure to get more strikes, such as if you’re using a paddletail, jerk shad, or topwater.

As far as which loop knot I recommend, check out this video.

It’s strong, the loop allows for great action, and when you tie it right, the tag end faces forward, which makes it much less likely to snag grass as you’re retrieving it.

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