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How can you catch more redfish year-round, regardless of the weather, temps, tides, or moon phases?

Do you need some magical lure?

Is it a secret spot that mysteriously produces redfish all year long?

Is it having the absolute most expensive flats boat? NO! NO! NO!

After 20 years of studying the biology and feeding habits of redfish, I’ve discovered that catching consistent redfish boils down to just THREE things:

1) Knowing where to find the fish
2) Knowing when they will most likely be feeding
3) Knowing what they are most likely to strike It’s really that simple.

And the same three rules apply regardless if you fish from land, from kayak, from SUP, or from a boat.

So why is that most fishing magazines, advertisements, and even popular fishing shows focus so much on the lures, tackle, and boat manufacturer…

Let’s face it, you can have the absolute best lure, rod, reel, and even a $80k flats boat… but if you are fishing in a dead zone then you aren’t catching any fish.


And what I’ve found after talking to, teaching, and consulting thousands of inshore anglers is that they all suffer from one of SIX MAIN MISTAKES when it comes to consistently catching redfish.

In fact, we sent out over 7,000 emails to inshore fisherman (everyone from weekend warriors to full-time fishing captains), and asked them their #1 challenge when it comes to catching redfish.

Turns out, every single answer boiled down to just SIX different challenges or mistakes. And we call these mistakes Redfish Skunk Factors.

And practically everyone (even many of the full-time fishing guides) suffers from one primary mistake that is holding you back from catching as many fish as you want.

Would you like to know your #1 redfish skunk factor?

The great news is that I built a really cool tool (FREE) that will reveal your #1 redfish skunk factor by simply asking you a handful of questions. It only takes 60 seconds and then it spits out a customized video for you.

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See you on the other side.

Luke Simonds
Salt Strong