Have you tried this “unbreakable” fishing knot yet?

We couldn’t believe it when Captain Dylan Hubbard first told us that the PR Bobbin Knot has 100 percent knot strength… but so far it’s proven to be true.

The PR Bobbin Knot is the only fishing knot guaranteed to hold up 100 percent of the time (assuming you tie it correctly like Joe from Dogfish Tackle shows you in this video).

What does 100% knot strength mean?

It means that your fishing line — braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament — will break before the PR Bobbin Knot will (100% of the time).

This is the ultimate line-to-line connection.

See the full post on how to tie the PR Bobbin Knot here:


You need to make sure you have the following items to tie this knot. What you’ll need:

Bobbin – This is a small tool that loads the tag end of your mainline up onto the tool in order to make the wraps you need to tie the PR Bobbin Knot. The bobbin helps you keep line tension during the tying process.

Mainline – You need a large amount of mainline tag end to spool onto your bobbin for the knot.

Leader Line – You need a large spool of leader line to attach to the mainline for this knot.

Steps for the PR Bobbin Knot:

Step 1 – Thread your braided line onto the bobbin
Step 2 – Spool the bobbin with your braid line
Step 3 – Tighten the bobbin’s drag down
Step 4 – Overlap your leader line and braid line
Step 5 – Make wraps with your braid tag end up the leader line
Step 6 – Wrap the leader mainline around your hand
Step 7 – Spin the bobbin around your lines in tight coils
Step 8 – Unwrap your hand from the leader
Step 9 – Pinch the overlap point
Step 10 – Loosen the bobbin drag
Step 11 – Make a half hitch
Step 12 – Make another half hitch
Step 13 – Make a Uni Loop
Step 14 – Unwrap the Uni coils
Step 15 – Pull the braid ends tight
Step 16 – Cut and burn the tag ends

If you have any questions about how to tie this knot, let us know in the comments below.

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Tight Lines!