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Here’s the gear used in this fishing knot video:

Ande Monofilament (20 lb): https://bit.ly/3npuiL6
Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon (20 lb): https://bit.ly/2JSM3Vy
Mission Fishin Jig Head: https://bit.ly/3oqNFVx
Z-Man Slam Shady: https://bit.ly/3oqVEls

Want to know how the non slip loop knot compares to the canoe man loop knot?

I did too, so in this video, I’m doing a contest testing the two of them in a variety of situations.

I tested using monofilament vs. fluorocarbon, using saliva to cinch down the knot, and I even used a few different brands of fluorocarbon (you’ll see why in the video).

This experiment was one of the most shocking ones I’ve had in a long time because one unexpected combo was 20% weaker than the comparable combo!

See what the big shock was, plus which knots and lines are stronger in this video.

Which of these knots do you prefer?

Which of these lines do you use?

Let me know down in the comments!