How to tie the Canoe Man Loop Knot:
This video will show you a great loop knot for fishing that is strong, easy to tie, and can be tied to both hooks and lures equally well (does not require you to pass a lure through a loop).

Best of all, this loop knot leaves a tag end that points down towards the hook. This feature will decrease the amount of weeds your knot snags while fishing areas prone to have floating grass/debris.

To see our fishing knot face-off, check out:

It’s a great fishing knot for tying your hook or lure to your leader so it can have maximum action (reason for using loop vs snug).

In preliminary knot strength testing, it has scored well. To see the final knot strength analysis results that we’re putting together for you to know which knots truly are strongest with fluorocarbon, visit our core site where we’ll be displaying the best of the best knots as we find them based on head-to-head tests.

Here’s a direct link: