Have you ever wondered what the strongest braid to leader knot is?

It’s the FG knot!

After dozens of knot strength tests, I’ve found this one to consistently outperform all other knots, including the double uni knot, crazy alberto knot, and the albright knot.

And it’s not by just a small margin…

The FG knot is 20% (or more) stronger than all of these knots!

When I first tested it, I thought I had made a mistake, but I kept testing and the results kept coming back the same: the FG knot is the strongest knot for the braid to leader connection.

Now, here’s the big question: what’s the best way to tie it?

There are several ways to tie it, and I actually used to recommend a different way, but I recently discovered this way to tie it and it’s SO much easier than all of the other ways.

Plus, it’s leaves you with a stronger knot.

Check out this video to see the best way to tie the FG knot.

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