Found on Facebook, and watching the short video, I KNEW I needed to check out the Hog Farmer T-Spin. The T-Spin in a shorter Alabama Umbrella Lure for bass fisherman. This rough and unpainted rig is 1/2oz. and has a great trailer keeper, but got foul hooked as many times as it went properly. This is a new bass fishing lure for 2020 from the Hog Farmer Bait Company.

#alabamarig #bassfishing #umbrellarig

Products used in video:
Rods: Castaway Fishing Rods
Reels: Shimano
Cooler: Engel Coolers
Costa Sunglasses: Diego
Hog Farmer Bait Company:

Video equipment:
GoPro 7 Black:
Sony A6000 Mirrorless:
Tackle Bag/Camera Bag: Plano Backpack:

Fishing Florida Radio:
Email: [email protected]