*TRAILER* Colorado High Country
Issue #70 T-Motion Theater “Colorado High Country” features Kelley Moen and guide Colleen Farrell on a spur of the moment Spring fly fishing adventure as they backpack into a Colorado high alpine lake. Set from Kelley’s perspective, and in step with John Denver’s poignant music, this film illustrates the simple beauty and total clarity that nature provides. Glacier-fed streams, deep alpine pools and spawning cutthroat trout make this a season’s favorite at Catch Magazine. During the filming in Colorado’s backcountry, I was reminded of the influence John Denver’s music has had over me and my wife throughout the years we lived in the Rockies, finally settling in Oregon to raise a family. It’s been profound.

As a casual guitar, banjo and mandolin player myself, I’ve put music (and the use of it in my work) as the centerpiece in life, wherever I’ve lived and traveled. In fact, my collection of music over the years has become nearly as important and as large as my fishing gear. Music and fly fishing are both now focal points in our family, with aspiring teen musicians in our home and the works of John Denver that are extremely special to us. This film is dedicated to the musician, artist, activist and phenomenal human being himself, John Denver, and to the rivers in Colorado that he found so inspiring. Special thanks to Eleven Experience and Alex Fenlon, Colleen Farrell and Moose Hofer for their guiding and hospitality.

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*Camera Information*
– Panasonic CX-350 – https://pro-av.panasonic.net/en/products/ag-cx350/